This blog was started to document my journey with 2 life-shortening illnesses and my desire to live with gratitude and to find joy in everyday things around me.
I foolishly told a man about my blog. A man who seems to have more than one guise. I thought he was boring, but then he betrayed my trust by seducing me while I slept on a sofa after a meal and wine.

My trust was further breached when he allowed a woman to read our emails. That woman’s life is so empty that she watched the internet about a certain house that was a rental. Each time someone moved in, she would write a malicious note to them about me.

One couple in the house behaved so badly that it affected my health. They refused to stop. I wrote about my health here. I did mention their last name, which is not an unusual name, and so a note was written to them again.

When I was told that couple was moving because of my blog, I could not understand how they knew about it. I was staggered but also relieved due to the nerve pain they had inflicted on me.

The next residents also got a malicious note about me. However, they showed it to me. It is photographed and is on the blog and Instagram. Initially, the police were keen to to take action but it got passed from officer to officer and then got shut down.

The gossip created by the couple who caused me nerve pain has gone around social media, and I have experienced hostility although I did nothing wrong. For whatever reason, they were happy to cause me pain.

Yes, I did delete their name as I realised that people who shouldn’t be aware of this blog, were aware.

The owner of the rental the is living there again. He hates me because he thinks I lost him his tenants. No, it was not me. It was a drunk who has nothing better to do than cause trouble for others.

I never thought about that man. Not once. I only wanted to pay him back the ?3 I owed him.

He appeared in my bedroom at 3am one Saturday morning. It all started there. And I thought all the drama was over after he moved. No. It was just starting.