A poem

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

Your beauty struck me in my heart
so tiny, sleeping in my arms,
thinking nothing would pull us apart

Your hair so fair, you cried so much
the only child with eyes of green
You found comfort in my hum and tender touch

You would watch bugs in the grass, always asking
curious and inquisitive, how you loved to learn

Every night at bedtime together we would sing

You learned to dance, with talent rare
standing out within a crowd
Your poise and grace caused many to stand and stare

A beautiful girl became a beautiful young woman
I watched with pride and humility
knowing that you have ability to take you far

Sweet girl child born to me, a priceless joy
you filled my life with remembering
so many moments
yet the whole

is more than I could ever dream

Published in The Lark


A difficult day…

I don’t ask for much. The above is fine for me. When I became engaged I picked a ring that cost ?20. Our wedding cost ?240. I don’t want another wedding, just someone to love back and lie on the grass looking at the stars.

So today I had some time pressures and I got a bit breathless. I had a moment of alarm. But recovered. I can’t remember if I took al my medicines because I had a thought and went to do it, and then couldn’t remember what I’d taken. I can’t let that happen again.

I no longer carry my inhaler around the house because the tightness and wheezing are so rare now. I just need not to rush when people are waiting for me and I’ve been held up.