Sunset Journey

A poem

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

Yellow globe straight ahead
As I climbed into my car

Orange ball less defined
As I rounded the bay

Glitter thrown on the water
By the sun’s dying rays

Falling sun in such splendor
Moments of glory that fade

Published in The Lark


Starting to feel better…

Yesterday, I had afternoon tea with friends in the road where I live. My friend, the single former Headteacher, who never remembers a personal detail about her friends, and the retired couple who live opposite her.

It was very convivial, with a lot of chat and laughter. I have met the husband of the couple before, he removed the dead bird my neighbours placed inside my back porch. His wife is equally pleasant. They are both former nurses.

I was able to mention my appointment on new year’s eve without going into too much detail, but enough that they understood that I found it distressing, both mentally and physically.

Both households are dog owners, so I went with Ruth to walk hers. The sunset was finishing as we went along the quay, and then we cut through some footpaths. At one point, I had three seconds of real fear as I could no longer hear her, nor see her. I momentarily thought she had been silently attacked, but she was just collecting poop, behind a hedge.

I felt a lot better when I got home, but I still could not relax physically and was awake until early this morning.

I have decided to take the course of steroids after my chest infection, despite Dr Davies considering them unnecessary. I get great benefit from them.